Preparing the home for sale and listing it on the MLS

If you do not need to sell quickly (less than 45 days) and the home is not in need of significant repair, this option will ensure that your home sells for top dollar. The MLS stands for "Multiple Listing Service," and it is the database that all realtors use. This is the typical process of selling a home.  With this process, your home reaches all home buyers and gets the broadest range of exposure.  

With this option, the property needs to be cleared out before the close of escrow and repairs can potentially be needed. During this process, we can assist in preparing the property for sale and getting it market ready. This can include assisting in clearing out items, cleaning, staging, etc.

If your property is in relatively good condition, great condition, or anywhere in between, this option will ensure that your home sells for top dollar.

  • Pros
    • Property exposed to widest range of buyers
    • Higher sales price than selling to an investor
    • Simple, hands off experience for you
  • Cons
    • Process takes 1-3 months
    • Closing costs are higher than if sold to an investor
    • Property must be cleaned out and meet lender requirements
    • Repairs may need to be completed


Barbara received one of our booklets and contacted us to discuss the family’s options regarding their parent’s home. They had already been in contact with 3 investors, who had all given offers on the property. Barbara and the family did not know the market very well, so they were not too sure of home’s market value.  When reviewing the offers, one seemed very low and the other two seemed like they might be okay. Fortunately, she reached out to us to get a professional opinion.  We walked the property, put together a valuation report, and outlined their options. The property was in good condition and we recommended that they put it on the MLS and not sell to an investor.  We sold the home in 7 days, and we closed escrow in 35. The highest investor offer they had received prior to calling us was $480,000.  We sold the property for $520,000. If Barbara hadn’t contacted us to get a professional opinion, the family could have lost nearly $40,000 in the sale!


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