“Repair to Sell” - Complete repairs and updating of the property to sell for top dollar

This option ensures that you are going to sell the property the highest amount.  Homes that have been updated and are considered "Move-In" ready sell for 20-30% more on average (many times more than that). 

With our "Repair to Sell" option, the home has necessary updates and repairs completed prior to being listed for sale on the MLS.  The repairs and updating can be as small as painting a room, all the way up to a full remodel of the home. 

Each property is evaluated and you are presented with two options…

  • An “as-is” sale -If the property is placed on the MLS as described in option three and sold without completing any work, and;
  • An “after repair value”- If updates and repairs are completed prior to placing the home on the MLS and selling.

Included in the options is a quote from a handy man, or general contractor (depending on the amount of work needed) outlining the cost of completing any updates and/or repairs.  We ensure that only repairs and updates that will generate a higher sales price are completed, so that you will see a return on the money invested.

With this process, a common challenge that most people run into is that they do not have the upfront funds to complete the necessary repairs on the property. Everyone understands the benefit, yet cannot invest the money into completing the work.

If your property falls into this category, our “Repair to Sell” program may be the solution. We have contractors available that will complete the work with an upfront deposit, and an agreement to be paid AFTER the property sells.  If you do not have the funds available for the upfront deposit, we also have short term financing available.

You may have heard of other similar programs that share or “split” the profit with you. That is not the case here; you get all of the upside return from this option.

In fact, we are often able to provide all services without any upfront money from the estate. Only “authorized” expenses will be reimbursed from proceeds at the close of escrow - expenses that only YOU, the seller, have approved.   Everything is outlined and reviewed with you for your approval. Once signed off, our team handles the rest, making it a very simple and easy process.

  • Highlights
    • 2 - 5 month process on average
    • Updated home with a zero and low cost option available
  • Pros
    • Property is updated ensuring it will sell at the highest price
    • Property exposed to widest range of buyers
    • Higher sales price than selling to an investor
    • Option to pay the remodeling expenses through escrow
    • Simple, hands off process
  • Cons
    • Process takes 2-5 months
    • Not all properties qualify

This option may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Here are two examples of people that took advantage of our “Repair to Sell" Program:

Single Family Home in Crown Point, Pacific Beach 

  • Highest investor offer was $820,000
  • Property had minor work done to it, which included landscaping, paint, minor repairs, and a new window
  • Property was staged
  • Total cost to the seller was $14,000 - None of this was out of pocket and was paid through the proceeds of the sale
  • The home sold in 17 days, with multiple offers as high as $880,000

$880,000 - $14,000 = $866,000

$46,000 more than the investor offer AFTER all repairs were paid for.


Condo in on Park Drive, Carlsbad

  • Original investor offer of $380,000
  • Property was fully remodeled, which included new kitchen & bath, flooring, paint, etc.
  • Property was staged
  • Total cost to the seller was $55,000 –Seller utilized our short-term financing option and none of the expense was paid out of pocket. All expenses were paid through the proceeds of the sale
  • The home sold with multiple offers, at a price of $499,000

$499,000 - $55,000 = $444,000

$64,000 more than the investor offer AFTER all repairs were paid for.


These are just two examples. Imagine how much the extra $46,000 to $64,000 changed these family's lives.  

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