Multiple cash offers from over 40 investors, closing in as quickly as 14 days

If you like the idea of your property closing quickly, and with as little work as possible, but do not need to have the funds right away,and/or, would like to ensure that you are getting the most money possible (for a quick close), this is a great option. 

Because we have worked with hundreds of distressed sales over the past 10 years, we have built strong relationships with San Diego's top investors.  We can quickly market your property to our database of over 50 qualified investors and have multiple cash offers within days.

With this sale, it is also "as-is," and many of the investors will not require the property to be cleaned out.  Because this option creates a competitive bidding situation, it ensures that you receivedocumented market value for your home in a very quick and efficient process.  Commissions are paid in this transaction, but they are discounted from the standard amount.

  • Pros
    • Money within 14 days in most cases
    • Typically higher price than just one cash offer
    • Minimal costs
    • Very simple process
    • Property can be in horrible condition
    • Property does not need to be cleaned out or repaired


Winston inherited a property from his parents and needed it sold so he could pay off the mortgage. The property had extensive deferred maintenance and was full of items.  Winston needed to have the property sold quickly, but not immediately. We marketed the property to over 50 investors, had multiple offers and created a biding situation. The property sold for top dollar in a quick and efficient manner for Winston.  He also didn’t need to spend the money or take the time to remove all of the items that were not of value and was able to pay off the mortgage. 


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