Probate Cash Offer in 24 Hours 

With this option, we can provide you with a cash offer within 24 hours of seeing the property. The offer will be 100% "as-is", with no work needing to be done to the property.This also includes not needing to remove personal property, junk, or any other items that are not wanted.  The sale will close within 7 days, and many times only takes 3-5 days.

With this option, all of the closing fees are paid by the buyer and there are no commissions. 

This is a great option for any families that want or need to obtain the money from the property as quickly as possible and want as little headache as possible.

  • Pros
    • Money within 7 days
    • No costs
    • Very simple process
    • Property can be in horrible condition
    • Property does not need to be cleaned out or repaired



David reached out to us regarding his father’s property. He was living out of state and needed the funds as soon as possible.  The family had already removed all of the personal belongings of value from the property and didn't care what happened to the remaining items.  We presented an offer the same day, David accepted and we closed escrow 5 days later. There were not any costs paid by David and he was very pleased to be closed and moving forward. 


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