Probate and Trust Services We Provide 

·         Clean Up and Haul Away Services - If the property has junk, trash, or other items that need to be cleared, we can assist in coordinating the removal and disposal of all items.

·         Lock Smith - If the property is now vacant, it needs to be secured. Our locksmith can change locks and secure the property.

·         Personal Property Inventory - A very time consuming process in the liquidation of the estate is taking an inventory of personal property. Our team can assist in photographing, itemizing, and inventorying all personal property including cars, trucks and vans. If needed, we can also arrange with the seller for the sale, disposal or donation of this property.

·         Estate and Yard Sale Services - Our team can assist in helping the estate liquidate all the personal property. We will review options with you and assist in determining which option is best, and will result in the most money.

·         Donations - If the estate wishes to donate some or all of the items, we can coordinate the process with the designated charities. If you need recommendations on local charities, we can provide them.

·         Eviction Services, Board Up and Squatter Removal - If your property has a squatter, or someone that needs to be evicted, we can assist in all steps required in the eviction process, including meeting the sheriff at the property for the lock out.

·         Property Preservation - If the property is vacant, it needs to be secured. After the locks are changed, we will complete routine occupancy checks to ensure the property is secure.

·         Movers and Packers - If items are going to be moved, we can assist in coordinating the packing and moving. We have great referrals to both local and national moving companies.

·         Property Maintenance–You may need gardeners, pool services, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc. If any work is required, we have a team in place that can assist.

·         Appraisal Services - We will complete a detailed Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) of price. This report is very similar to an appraisal. It is a valuable tool in reviewing the estate, and in negotiating with the probate referee. The report will include a summary, photos of the property, comparable sales, and price.

·         Occupancy Check – We will contact the power company to confirm if utilities are on, and then go by the property to determine occupancy, talking to the neighbors and asking for their assistance if necessary. If occupied, we will get the name and telephone number of the occupants.

·         Utilities – We will have utilities turned on and coordinate the billing.

·         Bids – We will complete initial walk throughs with detailed repair lists and receive bids from approved contractors on all repairs.

·         Updates – We will provide weekly status updates.

·         Marketing Plan – We will market the property using our extensive “155 Point Marketing Plan.”

·         Negotiate – We will review all offers with you and aggressively negotiate for the highest price possible.

·         Escrows – We will closely manage the escrow process from start to finish, to ensure a smooth and successful closing.

·         And, almost any other service you need!